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Jerry Carlson Biography

Jerry Carlson is a music artist from Sweden. He plays piano and sings rock'n roll, country, latin, boogie woogie and blues etc. Jerry is considered as one of the top piano players and artists in this music type in Sweden. Jerry started playing piano when he was 10 years oldand for the past 22 years it's been his full time occupation. It all started with national TV, where he won a famous talent competition impersonating piano-legend “Jerry Lee Lewis".

Jerry has made six solo CD/albums and has recorded and performed many times in the U.S.A. His first album gained high interest by no less than Elvis Presley’s producer, Sam Phillips in 1996. The success with his albums and powerful live-shows has made him most aftersought to do shows in many countries around the world at large venues. For example, he frequently appears on Thai television and radio.

Producing and directing has been a side-role for Jerry along his own career. He has been producing and writing scripts for live documentaries/musicals such as “The Story Of Johnny Cash”, “The Roy Orbison Story”, “The History Of Rock'n roll” and many others. All shows have been touring throughout Sweden with great success. Since 2010 he has mainly worked with a tribute–show called “The Legends” containing some of the world´s finest impersonators of Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison. Jerry Carlson does his version of “The Killer” Jerry Lee Lewis”.

In 2001 he released “Shaking Things Up” that contained his own songs. The 2008 album “Rewind” focused of his favorite cover-songs. It was followed by “Replay” in 2012 that was a mix of his early recordings and some new. Influenced by The Mavericks, Dwight Yoakam and several recordings for other artist in Texas in mid 2000, Jerry began to write songs that was not only rock and roll and country. Then, inspired by a Cuban band during a trip to Finland, Jerry set sails to Cuba in 2016. During his stay he recorded two of his own songs and music videos. One of them was Paraiso – also the title for his new EP. Jerry returned in April 2018 from a tour of Thailand – promoting his EP “Paraiso” and recording a music video for the song “Whatever”. The EP will be followed by an album later in 2018.

Jerry will attend The Legends tour this fall. The schedule can be
seen here.


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